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I was wondering maybe I could end up documenting the whole process while building something, in this case, my startup that’s in stealth mode right now. I’m doing this so I can look back upon this the next time, and make sure to not make the same mistakes. I’ve decided to do this in the form of a blog which I’ll continue to update with each new thought or event.

This might give you some insight on what goes in building a startup as a high-schooler from a small Indian town ( not like it’s rural though xD, I do have proper internet access and enough resources to get my ideas off the ground and I understand that’s a privelege a lot of people with great ideas in certain places do not possess so I’m thankful for it ).

Help me with my market research - form.

I’m thinking of moving this to Substack but idk, we’ll see on how people perceive this.

If you’ve got anything to say, any feedback, any thoughts from what you read here that you might like me to know about, feel free to shoot an email at [email protected].

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