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New Beginnings

Apart from what the index tells you, the reality is, this way, maybe you guys get genuinely involved in the whole process and get to feel what it’s like giving it all in to build something.

My mind hasn’t been in the right place for the past couple of weeks. Even though I understand that time is a scarce resource and I should plan things accordingly, I haven’t been on the best terms with it, but that changes with this. Part of the reason I started this was to remind me each day how much what I’m building means to me, and you, the audience, can help me keep accountable. Now yeah, some might say that sounds weird, but Nah, I do what works for me, and if I enjoy this, I’m going to keep at it. And well, there’s your first lesson, do what suits you if it’s going to lead to what you want.

I’ll try not taking up a lot of your time or giving away mine each day, but I do plan on providing updates now and then, usually the length of this particular post.

With each update, I’ll try giving away some practical suggestions ( not advice ) on building startups or something that I learned by myself. Guess these are my notes along the way.

Here’s how to keep yourself up-to-date and in general, by visiting HN. It’s still pretty good.

P.S I’m going to keep these somewhere between low-key informal to neutral depending on how I’m feeling on a particular day.

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